Home Ownership

Our aim is to create an environment of hope, dignity, and a truly human existence for all people.
Habitat is not a handout, it is a hand up.
Zero percent interest mortgage loans keep the homes affordable.
Habitat makes no profit, and mortgage payments are used to build more homes. Habitat builds simple, decent, energy efficient homes.

Participating in the Habitat program is hard work, but the stability provided by a home is worth it.

You May Qualify!
The Family Selection Committee looks at Several  factors when choosing families for
participation in the program.
  1. Need for better housing. For example: living in run down conditions or in a dangerous neighborhood or paying too much for rent.
  2. Ability to pay the monthly mortgage. Monthly expenses (including long-term debt) must be manageable and family income must meet HUD income guidelines.
  3. Willingness to partner with Habitat. Willingness to complete 500 Sweat Equity hours.
  4. Willingness to attend homeownership classes.
  5. Those who agree to home visits from our Family selection/support Committees members for an evaluation of your current housing situation.
HUD Income Guidelines:
To qualify, a family’s income must meet HUD Income Guidelines below.

Number is Household
 Minimum Income
 Maximum Income
 1 $24,050 $37,950
 2 $27,350 $43,350
 3 $30,650 $48,750
 4 $33,900 $54,150
 5 $36,550 $58,500
 6 $39,200 $62,850
 7 $41,800 $67,150
 8 $44,450 $71,500

What is Sweat Equity and how do I fulfill those requirements?
Sweat equity is the unpaid labor invested by homeowner partners in the HFH mission. These hours are a requirementof Habitat homeownership. Sweat equity reduces the monetary cost of the house and increases the personal stake of each family member in their new home. Sweat equity fosters partnership with Habitat volunteers and staff. Sweat equity is a key principle of Habitat and is important in building partnerships across economic, racial and national divisions. Habitat will work with you to find jobs that suit your physical needs. As a homeowner you are required to perform 500 Sweat Equity hours by:

  • Working on construction sites
  • Attending homeowner classes
  • Helping with Habitat events
Madison Habitat,
Mar 17, 2014, 8:30 AM