Veterans Build

Habitat for Humanity International is expanding its capacity to serve veterans and active military as homeowner partners and volunteers. From coast to coast, military veterans and active military personnel are pitching in as Habitat volunteers, sometimes building for fellow vets or active military, sometimes for civilians. This is a partnership between the country’s biggest builder of simple, decent, affordable housing and those who have served or are serving their country.

What is Veterans Build? 
Habitat for Humanity’s national initiative to provide housing solutions and volunteer and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members and their families.

Veterans Build mission:

Veterans Build is focused on these five inter-related areas:

  1. Affordable housing and home preservation
    Affordable housing is the centerpiece of our Veterans Initiative; however, our affiliates have expanded programs to maintain and preserve homes. 
    Projects from exterior painting to roofing to weatherization make existing houses more energy efficient and affordable.  In partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, Habitat developed the Repair Corps program to offer critical home repairs to veteran homeowners.
  2. Volunteer mobilization
    We aim to provide volunteer experiences that can bring together veterans and military families with their neighbors, bridging the gap and easing the transition to civilian life.
  3. Employment
    We are employing veterans in our national service programs (VISTA) at Habitat affiliates located close to military bases.  We know that veterans are the best resource to develop and implement a viable and effective veterans program.
  4. Education
    We are training our affiliates to better understand the military culture and increase effectiveness in interacting with veterans and military families.  We also offer financial education and literacy programs to support successful home ownership with veteran and military partner families.
  5. Honor
    Throughout the year, we host special events which pay tribute to veterans, raise awareness and mobilize volunteers

What activities does Veterans Build support?  
The Veterans Build mission is focused on these five inter-related areas:

  1. Build: Provide simple, decent and affordable housing solutions for military, veterans and their families.
  2. Mobilize: Engage military members, veterans, families, veterans’ groups and all military supporters in volunteer programs and veteran-related advocacy.
  3. Employ: Capitalize on skill sets gained from military service with recruitment targeting veterans as Habitat for Humanity International/local affiliate employees, board members and extended volunteers, national service members, interns and fellows.
  4. Educate: Promote cultural competency for Habitat affiliates engaging military and veterans and provide access to financial literacy and home ownership education programs.
  5. Honor: Host regular slate of events highlighting veteran housing needs and honoring their service. Target dates include the 9/11 Day of Service, MLK Day and Veterans Day.

Why is Habitat for Humanity focusing on veteran needs?

  • Nearly 4 million veteran households pay more than 30 percent of income for housing.
  • More than 1.5 million of these households pay more than 50 percent of income for housing (severe cost burden).
  • Nearly 1 million veterans who own homes are severely cost burdened, despite having access to VA loans and other assistance.
  • A substantial subset of veterans struggles economically. Approximately 1.4 million veterans (6.7 percent) live in poverty.

Madison County Habitat for Humanity will be doing it's first Veterans Build starting hopefully in the spring of 2014.
We will be returning to the village of Chittenango, where we have two lots available and we are asking anyone interested in volunteering or making a donation for this build to email: